Meet our Head Coaches

We are proud to introduce our principal staff who will be coaching, guiding and mentoring our coaches and players at Futsal Institute.

Our coaching team, under the direction of Steven Luburic, are driven and passionate about junior and youth development for both boys and girls.

Steven Luburic

Futsal Institute Director of Coaching

Steven has played and coached futsal at Club, State and National levels. He established the Parramatta Blues Futsal club 22 years ago where he now coaches the men’s side who currently hold titles at Club & State level. Steven holds several coaching licenses including National and International Coaching Accreditation.

At the age of 9 he discovered futsal and has been strongly involved ever since.
Highly regarded in the indoor arena he brings to the Institute passion, drive and a strong commitment to promote futsal not only in Australia but also Internationally allowing players to reach their personal best.


Matt Borg

futsal institute

Borgy has played futsal since 1994 competing at National and State levels with Parramatta Blues. In recent years he has turned his passion for playing the game to the coaching side. He has coached various Futsal Institute teams to titles at Club Challenges and at National level.

Coaching from pre school to youth level he has shown a strong dedication to ensuring all under his guidance reach their full potential while still enjoying the game.

His early outdoor playing career was spent with Granville Chile in the NSW State League. Accredited as a strength and conditioning coach, he has also spent years working with athletes developing tailored fitness and agility programs.




Karlo Luburicfutsal institute

Karlo has played Futsal for 25 years. Developing a love of the game from a young age, this has translated into a great passion for and understanding of the game.

Playing his youth soccer with United, he moved into various State League teams and then turned back to futsal with a highlight of winning the NSW Futsal State Championships with the Parramatta Blues.

Over the past few years he has expanded in the Futsal arena, taking on coaching roles for youth sides. In this capacity, Karlo has discovered a keen interest and passion for developing the skill and experience of youth soccer players, playing an integral role in helping them reach their potential as players and together as a team.

Rhianna ‘Mini’ Pollicina

futsal institute Rhianna, or Mini as we all know her around Futsal Institute, has been playing Football for 9 years and Futsal for 7 years. She currently plays outdoor for Blacktown Spartans 1st Grade and Futsal for Inner West Magic, and also plays for Vic Vipers National League Indoor.

Over the past few years Mini has coached our preschool program, Academy Training and various teams and tournaments.

Mini says her career highlights so far are playing for the Wanderers and representing Australia in different age groups travelling the world.

Mini has recently competed at the 2017 Womens Futsal World Cup and was voted as one of the Top 10 Players.


futsal institute

Anthony Tomelic

Anthony currently plays outdoor Football for United and plays Futsal for the Enfield Rovers. He currently coaches our preschool program, Academy Training and various teams and tournaments.

Anthony’s career highlight is winning the National Premier League with United and winning National Youth League with FC.





Hannah Voloder

Hannah has played soccer from a young age. Her experience sees her currently playing for Marconi Stallions 1st Grade and Raiders Futsal Club.

Hannah coaches our preschool and academy programs. She has a keen interest in the progress and development of our young players and her enthusiastic approach to coaching creates a fun learning environment.

Hannah’s career highlight is winning the Grand Final for Marconi Stallions in outdoor and placing runner up for futsal with Raiders.