Goalkeeper Training


Goalkeeper Training

Our Top Post Goalkeeper Clinics are for those players who are  ready to take a major step in their development. Up to this point, many players have probably taken turns playing in goal, but once a  player wants to concentrate on the position of goalkeeper, it is time for specific training.

It is, however, important that all players still do a lot of dribbling and passing exercises as all goalkeepers need to be good with their feet.

The requirements and training of this position are specific and must be dealt with in a patient and understanding manner. It is helpful for every young goalkeepers to get basic instruction from an older keeper who has gone through proper training. Exposing a player to diving and defending breakaways (1 v 1) without proper preparation usually ends in injury and discouragement, and should be avoided.

Our head GK Coach, Lionel DeSouza is highly experienced and trained, being able to relate well to participants and demonstrate tactical strategies to the players allows for solid skill acquisition, enhancing  their vision, technical foot skills, reaction times and overall development.

1-on-1 Training

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